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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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3_mariesThe village “Maries” is one from the older villages of Thassos. He is built in a glen in enough altitude. From the old years functioned mines of iron, today are distinguished abandoned in the ravine of right village.

The village took his actual form the middle ages. For reasons of safety the houses are built very near from each other. In the old houses that have been rescued, can no one see [foyroysia] in their balconies and [skalista] ceilings in their roofs, samples brilliant architectural and economic robustness.

1_mariesIn the region they existed up to 1926 three [metochia] abbeys of Mouth Athos, [Karakaloy], [Xiropotamoy] and [Stayronikita]. Because the narrow relation that it developed the region with Mouth Athos have been saved very a lot of testimonies and information on the region for the Byzantine period. Characteristic is the fable for the name of region: the first opinion speaks to us for a lot of mulberries that gave the name, while second to us says for the two Marias that were alone that survived from a piratical raid at which entire the population of village [sfagiastike].

2_mariesToday the village is very quiet and does not have tourist growth. It is however [grafikotato], perhaps the unique village that you can find peacefulness and quietness if [epizitas]. The [kafenedaki] in the centre of village, under the age-long mulberry is from beloved my…

12 km from the village, next to the sea, in the place by where it became the loading of minerals from the mines was developed the Scale the Marias.

7_mariesGraphic [psarochori], built on t o wave with enough quietness, a lot of good taverns with [freskotato] fish and seafoods, rented rooms that see in the sea, a improbable sunset, and behind, in the exit of village the most beautiful not organised beach of Thassos: [Aspas] (or [Atspas]), a small [stenomakros] creek with spotless, shallow waters and fine [zacharenia] sand, a small paradise [gi]' those that they do not like the organised beaches.

The Marias are the answer of natural beauty in the organised industrial tourism of spectacles and paid services. You will discover!
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