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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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4_limenasThe town of Thassos (or Port, as it is called by their [Thasioys]) is built in [mycho] a trick, between the capes [Ebraiokastro], in the Eastern and Thick in westerners.
The port constitutes the administrative and commercial centre of Thassos. Here are found a lot of hotels, restaurants, shops tourist and other types, Banks, Custom, Port authority, police, offices Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, and BUS. The town of Port presents also however exceptional interest from archaeological opinion, so much for the saved ruins that were revealed, what for the rich discoveries that are exposed in her museum.

2_limenasHis houses are built with one curious [rymotomia]: characteristic is that you are forced to make with the car a curious way in order to you reach in the centre of city that is the old and new harbour. They unfold in a level green all around extent. Centre of movement is her central square that is opened front in her harbour, where prevails permanently movement, while in this “touches” the ferry boats that come from Keramoti (5,6 [n].[m].) and from Kavala (16 [n].[m].). Here is found also the traditional two-storied building of Town hall..

3_limenasLeft the Museum is found the entry of ancient market also near her, old church of St. Nikolaos, built 835 [M].[CH] on relic of ancient buildings, while, in the means of roughly jetty, is raised the [metochi] of abbey [Batopedioy] a two-storied building of 19th [ai]. that is named [Kalogeriko], symbol of Port. Advancing in his internal Port, we reach in his central square, where are found the ruins of [palaiochristianikis] royal and, near in this, relic from mosaic of residence of 2nd [ai]. A.D. big [trikliti] royal, [chtisma] of rather 6th [ai]. A.D. according to the models of basils of Istamboul, had been erected on ruins of ancient Roman settlement, in which belonged also the residence with the department of mosaic that is saved Easternly the arch of holy. In the Eastern side of square is raised mansion of 19th [ai]. with [entoichismenes] embossed signs.

1_limenasThe port for a lot of years keeps in his hands the reins of tourist growth. Little the archaeological wealth, little the natural beauty of region (it is from the few points of island that it passed intact from the big fires 1985, 1989, and 1993 that [katekapsan] the island). Big wound in natural beauty the holes from the quarries of excavation of marbles that are many in this region. At some time the residents will be supposed to choose between the tourist growth and the thoughtless exploitation of subsoil of island, because these two cannot coexist to [diinekes].
The existence of good services to the visitors should be considered given. Lodgings, feeding, amusement and entertainment for the all [goysta] and wallets. The market of port also can cover that need you have.

Can visit magic beaches for swimming in very small distance or to [Rachoni] ([Glyfoneri], [Glyfada], [Pachis] Mr a) or to the other side that is found the beach of [Makryammoy], one still [panemorfi] beach of [B].[A] of beaches of island, where we reach via a ramification 2 km right from the national road, 1 km outside from the Port.
[Makryammos] is found in [mycho] a bight that is surrounded by green all around pines. Allocates hotel, small seawall, where [agkyroboloyn] small floatables, but also spotless beach with golden sand, ideal for endless hours [iliotherapeias].

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