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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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kinira2_smallKoinyra are one from the more beautiful villages of Eastern Thassos. His name is acquaintance from ancient [chronia]. The all wider region, is full [eyrymata] the archaic and Roman period. Vegetation very dense, because a lot of sources that exist in around [plagies], rightly is considered one of the most blessed places of island. In the old days, the permanent residents were few, mainly fishermen or cattle-breeders, in the season however [elaiosyllogis], in [maxoyli]-that is said in [ntopiolalia]- the region [esfyze] from world. Even today the village has relatively few residents, the region is developed however tourist with way swift, after it allocates [panemorfes] beaches with crystal waters.

im558_smallIn Koinyra belongs also the small private islet, [Koinyriotiko] that is uninhabited and is covered almost in entire his surface, from pines, [agrielies] and low more generally vegetation. Is even saved today the house of person in which belongs the island. His beaches are rocky and abrupt while his waters, say the fishermen they are richest [psarotopos] in entire the island. The communication of visitors of island, becomes as old with boats, and most visitors is fishermen. In the around marine region until recently, existed dolphins.

paradisosmaVery beautiful Koinyra they are famous more generally for the calm, the peacefulness and the splendid landscapes that offer but also for the beach Paradise. The attendance in this beach, that noteworthy constitutes one from the most famous beaches of Greece, becomes via a narrow street, that passes through a [dasaki], the length of beach is not very big. However exceptionally shallow for very a lot of metres and particular cold sea (very pleasant for the hot months) and the fact that permanently it has wave, refer more in exotic islands. The colour of sea open green, exist, and certain points of beach with rocks familiar and love hangout of nudists. The [dasaki] that exists precisely above the beach, was ideal for camping and each summertime filled from caravans and scenes, minus however now the free camping has been prohibited…
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