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4_kaliraxiOne of the older villages of Thassos. Mountainous [Kalirachi] [chtistike] when the residents abandoned the old village “Bad Ridge” the years that anymore had been eliminated the danger from the pirates. It is found in a very beautiful place in [plagies] the hill, between olive trees. The houses are built with traditional [Thasitiki] architecture, while characteristically they are narrow [fidota] alley of village (with difficulty [choraei] a car) that it is ideally for walk. Sure he is one from the most beautiful and graphic villages of Thassos.

The climate is dry and sweet, winter summertime. Here you can visit the Folklore museum that exists. It is accomodated in a very beautiful preservable mansion that [chtistike] in 1880 and it entertains a lot of popular treasures of island.

2_kaliraxiIn distance of 2,5 - 3 kilometres, next to the sea is built the Scale [Kalirachi]. Initially, as all the Scales in the island, they were small coastal Kalyvia, a room, that was useful in order to protect their boats and their [psarika] gear the fishermen of region, and at second as short-lived place of stay at the duration [elaiokomidis]. Later, also with the increase of tourism, [chtistikan] home that anymore constituted permanent residences. The settlement was developed very fast at length of central street that runs through the all island.

3_kaliraxiToday does not exist particular hotel infrastructure in [Kalirachi], exists however enough rented rooms of coffee and fish-tavern. In the past few year the jetty grew in order to it can tie up the flying dolphin of line that begins from Kavala and reaches up to the Drink (this itinerary is not executed in recent times and rather [xanaginei] because is not in my interest economically the shipping companies). Also became small Marina in order to are always protected from their air the boats of fishermen, however (at the opinion writing) became a small environmental crime: piece of beach with the pebbles, from the square of village and for roughly 300 metres was destroyed in order to is made earth-road that aim it had to protect from the sea certain huts and home. Sure a more thorough and no so much hasty study could have the same result without the aesthetic tragedy that took place…

1_kaliraxiIn the exit of village, to [Limenaria], is found the small settlement “[Klisma]”, been famous for the amazing beach with round pebbles, and the good taverns with very good titbits and fresh fish.
Come out from your hotel and hang around in the island! [Kalirachi] is a region that will reward you!!!
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