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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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1_smallIn south-eastern utmost the island, few kilometres far from the Drink, is found the small rural settlement of [Astridas]. His name gave him the residents, mainly seasonal, that from the theologian went down here in order to they gather the olives, from her [xastero] sky the period [elaiokomidis].

Opposite from [Astrida] is found “[Astiriotiko]” or “Virgin Mary”, a small uninhabited islet. A delivery wants this islet as the island of Sirens that according to the Hostage they charmed, with their song, [taxidiotes].[Gegonos] in any case they are that in [Astrida] they prevail from the better climatic conditions, winter summertime, and it has also most digestible and light water at the consents of residents.

2_smallIn the region exist beaches unique natural beauties, organised and not, for all [goysta]: [AiBasilis], [Mpampoyri], [Amdela], [Salonikios] Cane. Unique in the world [Gkiola] constitutes separate hommage of my network place. In the beginning of limits of settlement is found the Fine Sand. Small creek with [katagalana] - green all around waters, on his [lofaki] with olive trees supplement the magic of landscape. Many believe that they are from the better beaches of island. In [pollapalia] books I found to be reported in the therapeutic attribute of sand of beach as well as in the existence of therapeutical sources (for arthritika, information that I could not cross neither from experience personal, neither from narrations of local. Completely organised it offers (on wage) deck chair and umbrellas while exist coffee and restaurants that function the all day at the tourist period.

3_smallToday, Astrida remains outside from the thoughtless and shapeless tourist growth trying it keeps her traditional profile without this means that it does not develop her infrastructures for the correct service of her visitors.
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