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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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Traditional architecture

The SAVED traditional houses of Thassos are dated from 1800 and afterwards. Built in dasomenes plagies, they present the all elements of thrakomakedonikis architecture, without no islander. The explanation should be sought in the big resemblance of factors that influenced the manufacture of houses of Thassos and wider thrakomakedonikoy space: climate, same materials of manufacture (timber and Stone), same way of layout per the seasons, same isnafia moved craftsmen Epirote, Arbaniton of Bulgarians but also local.

Settlements with elements of thrakomakedonitikis architecture, built in the hinterland for the fear of pirates

Exist however also particular factors that affect in the thasitiki layout. The isolation of island and the fear exaitias the pirates. The isolation, while the island was piratical shelter and place from where took the pirates naypigisimi timber, did not allow in their Thasioys to be delivered in the shipping, ploytisoyn and to import new ideas. They only remained in the interior also been afraid according to the sightseers, the habit it kept to them in the island. Their basic contact with the outside world was with Saint Term. But so much agioreitika metochia what the churches are built with the himself materially and techniques and when their size is small they are confused with the thasitika houses. The piratical danger influenced particularly the architecture of older houses, which has clearly defensive character: petrontoybara, windows-polemistres, ampares the doors, minimal openings in protected places.
The older settlements of Ottoman domination were Limanchisar (Port, alone paralios), the Theologian, Genichisar (Castle), Mpoylgar (Boylgaro, Rachoni) and the castle of Bad Ridge. From them the Port, the Castle and the Bad Ridge were fortified. In 1570 are reported also Kazabiti while in 1626 the Marias. With the exception of the Port that also this was abandoned in 1770, the rests are found in a internal ring. Virgin Mary, Rivers, Kalirachi, Limenaria, Savior, St. Georgios they are newer. The choice of their place combines the invisible from the sea mountainous region, for protection from the pirates (when this was not possible, was selected innaccessible place), the existence of water in near distance, the correct orientation, at preference the south, the protection from the winds and the interesting view. Their form of organisation is adapted in the possibilities of ground and is previously linear, at length of central axis (Theologian) or central, round the square (Castle). The streets were paved and were maintained each year with obligatory personal work of Thasion.
The residents the first years of Ottoman domination deal mainly with the livestock-farming and the viticulture. Additionally they deal with the melissia and other products (oat, figs, cocoons, legumes, walnuts, almonds, flax, acorns, bitumen). All these occupations could become with safety near the villages, long from the sea and the pirates. The cultivation of olive trees was limited, because the big distance of trees from the villages.

With timber and Stone
The traditional house of island is usually built parallel and infrequent vertical to the big bent of ground. Thus it can be two-storied in a aspect and ground floor in the other. Often it allocates courtyard with stone high mantrotoicho (Theologian, Rachoni) that likely it allocates oven. The entry in the one becomes with ypostegi ayloporta that is secured. Previously, in settlements with big bent (Castle) the courtyards are absent. The house most times has rectangles or square ground plan, but also synthetoteri. It is raised two-storied and seldom three-level, exaitias the bent of ground.
The ground floor, katoi, is deposit for the crops or stable for the animals. Here is accomodated also the loom. It is monochoro or is separated in two oblong spaces with stone mesotoicho. Openings-polemistres aerizoyn the spaces, but help also in defence against the pirates. Later, in the ground floor, in step with the stocking spaces, exists also room. The exterior doors are wooden naileds, bifoliate, big opening, with arched transom, in order to they pass charged the animals. All are secured with wooden ampara, mparat, that is stored in the wall. Internal wooden scale or exterior stone leads to the floor, which has the exterior walls stone. Mesotoichos the ground floor it is raised up to the roof which it supports also. The other internal walls are from tsatma. When it exists exterior door (Castle) brings also this mparati.
The houses initial had in facade in the floor chagiatia, spaces accomodated but open at one or two sides, and one or two rooms, with siderofrakta windows in chagatia, without of course are absent also the monochora finances home without chagiati. The chagiati (arabika=zoi) is the imiypaithrios space that has his payment in pastada or prostada ancient and regulates the prosptosi of solar beams at the all year. It entertained all operations of house for six at least months the by year's - so much it allows the Greek climate ypaithria diimereysi- but also a lot of rural occupation.

Home with sachnisi. Newer house with room and ledge, parallel with the ground plan.

With the passage of time chagiatia, where the existence the winter was difficult, they were also closed antikathistathikan by the rooms. Home with chagiatia, with difficulty are detected today. The houses with room have sachnisia, ledges, paralilles to the ground plan sometimes very intense, or small wooden balconies. Opsima are presented also the adelfomoiria, houses symmetrical that are separated in two equal departments in the ground floor and in the floor, intended for two brothers with common stone mesotoicho for economy.
The better room of house are being, the reception, without fireplace with a lot of windows and wooden ceiling ntampladoto, or with central koympe. The remainder spaces are the bedrooms, the chambers winter or summer the house, with fireplace and kogches or his windows right and left. Mesantres they entertain the clothes and the household effects. The cooker initially does not exist. Later, it has very small size. Spaces of hygiene seldom exist incorporated in the house. Usually they are found in the courtyard. The windows are bifoliate with kaitia in the petroktistoys walls and round dance in that they are from tsatma. Frassontai with horizontally metal and they seldom have shutters. The internal doors are usually monofylles, but ntampladotes. The fireplaces have imikykliki or rectangles ground plan and the chimney, every stone, are covered. The chambers peritrechei bookshelf, racht', while kogches, poylitses, they are many, because it helps the big thickness of walls. Often they are found at both sides the fireplace small kogches, combined with big wooden cupboards. Essential is also the iconostasis in big variety of forms.
The house externally is asobatisto, apart from the departments that are made from tsatma. These usually asprizontai with lime. Often we meet also the indigo colour, even in the interior, and later the ochre. The roof is wooden and it brings always schistoplakes, plates that removed him very with difficulty from thasitika plakaria. Astrichia it is shaped by the timbers of roof or from schistoplakes placed ekforika. In the seven older settlements the roofs do not have korfiades in their sides. Thus the layer of plates is circular and continuous, without ill points corruptible in the rain.
The furnitures of thasitikoy house are minimal. The mesantra, iconostasis, the cupboards are entoichismena. Mobile it is essential sofras, certain wooden couches, layers, slower wooden beds and stools similar to cottages we find in England sykescottages. The floor all is covered by the thasitika beddings, that are made in the loom. The layers are covered from the pantanies, that is embelished by yfanta “kazabitiana” cushions. Rugs with the characteristics geometric their drawings, tsarkota.

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