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From the Antiquity up to Today

From the distant antiquity, roughly in 3000 years B.C., various written monuments testify that existed life in the island. This elements we opposite have him from [eyrymata] in the region [Kastri] of Theologian and from the coasts Macedonias.

The first news that we have for Thassos emanates from the Mythology. According to the fables, Thassos, son of King of Palms [Aginora], seeking his brother Europe (that had seized him Jupiter after was transformed in bull), came and was installed in Thassos. Thus took her name THASSOS that maintained him from the distant antiquity up to today, in step with to other names as Golden, [Ierii], [Idonis], [Odonis], Clear atmosphere, Coast of Dimitra.

Sure it is that the Palms they came in Thassos and exploited the mines and her timber, particularly in the region [Koinyra] in 1600 with 1500 B.C., in order that reports to us the historian of antiquity [Irodotos].

Roughly the 7th [ai]. B.C. Thassos [epoikizetai] by their [Parioys], according to a oracle of [Manteioy] of Delphi. [Parioi] came in the island with their head [Telesikli] and the son of [Archilocho], big poet of antiquity that is today taught in the Greek schools.

From this period it begins to create a powerful [THASIAKO] STATE. A state that will opposite create colonies in the coasts of Macedonia, that will fortify his capital Thassos and [anptychthei] as powerful naval force. Athens and Sparta wanted they have him under their influence. With wars they achieved him, when the one, when the other. Because whoever dominated Thassos it opposite had a lot of profits, so much from the island what from his colonies in the coasts. This period (5th B.C. [ai].), Thassos developed a important culture that his a lot of elements is rescued up to today. Was developed the art of Sculpture, Architecture, Theatre. In the sports Thassos elected the big Olympic champion [Theageni]. Still are saved the ancient quarries of marble in the region of Saltmarsh and [thymonias]. They is the period at which Thassos had [plythismo] 150.000 residents, with powerfully wall and [ocheiromeno] harbour in the capital, with Parliament, Prytaneum, Market, Theatre, Conservatoire etc.

The decline of Thassos began from the period of Persian of wars (492 B.C.), while 340 B.C. it was subjugated in the king of Macedonia Philippos [B]'. Afterwards it passed in the sovereignty of Roman empire up to 330 A.D., while afterwards it belongs in the Byzantine empire.

[Peiratia] it was big problem for the island. From the 7th century she became more intense and the residents they build new villages in the mountainous.

In 1353 A.D. occupies the island [Genoyatis] [Frantsisko] [Gkatiloyzi], that his family keeps him up to 1455, when begins his possession from their [Toyrkoys].

In 1813 Thassos was granted by the Sultan in [Bezyri] of Egypt Mehmet [Ali]. This, the later founder of royal Dynasty of Egypt, been born in Kavala and grew near the family [Theodoroydi] [Karapanagioti] in [Rachoni], Thassos. Mehmet [Ali], from gratitude, exempted Thassos from each tax. [Par]'[ola] these, in 1821 [Thasioi] rebelled with their head the chieftain [Chatzigiorgi] from the Theologian, but without success.

In 1902 the imposition of new taxes brings agitations, so that terminates the Egyptian possession of island and comes back the Turkish sovereignty that it will keep up to 1912.

From then Thassos is free…

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